Simple Flower Crown: Romantic Notes on Ethereal Elegance

Simple Flower Crown

The Simple Flower Crown is an excellent masterpiece with its irresistibly romantic arrangement of delicate white baby breathes. The effect is utterly sensational, and perfect to complement the ravishing aura of a free-spirited and graceful October bride.

Bridal Flower Crown

Bridal Headband

White Flower Crown

Photography Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Flower Headband

Bridal Flower Headband

Flower Crown For Wedding Bride

The romantic and delicate sensuality of the Simple Flower Crown will allow you to flaunt a serenely gorgeous hair statement to ravish your traditional ivory wedding gown. It’s the perfect flower crown for women who want a delicate string of flowers adorning their artfully Dutch braided up-do without overpowering their bridal statement.

The soft and subtle Grecian-inspired beauty of the Simple Flower Crown will blend right into the aura of your traditional bridal statement, and you can pair it up with a wide variety of colors. It is an excellent choice if you want your bridal statement to be ethereally white and angelic because the delicate white baby breathes will add serenity and au naturel glamor to your aura.

If you’re a delicate, free-spirited femme who adores flaunting her romantic personality with natural and floral accents, you owe your bohemian soul the serene beauty of the Simple Flower Crown.

October brides are at a greater advantage if they chose to shop the Simple Flower Crown and brim up their wedding décor with exotic and romantic white baby breathes. Think about the possibilities that you can experiment with in your décor.

From the seats in the church to the center pieces, dining tables, chairs, and floral arrangements, baby breathes will give your décor a romantic mood, while the Simple Flower Crown will ooze out powerful sensuality and make you feel like the goddess of enchanting gardens.

The Simple Flower Crown is an excellent pick if you wish to flaunt a heavily braided hairdo and you want a delicate little white wreath to adorn your hairdo without spoiling its serenely messy appeal, and allowing a couple strands to artfully grace your cheekbones. But of course, its versatility steals the show, because you can even pull it off with cascades of voluminous curls tumbling down your waist.

The sensual and subtle appeal of the Simple Flower Crown is perfect for any girl who wants to give her ethereally style statement a serenely simple Grecian-goddess like finish. Its romantic beauty is by no means limited only for brides, but in fact, all femmes and teenagers can flaunt it to carve themselves a romantic moment of classic beauty and fairy-like grace.

Pink Floral Headband

Pink Floral Headband

pink flower crown

Pink Flower Crown For Any Occasion

Wedding Flower Crown

Wedding Flower Crown

Sunflower Flower Crown

Sunflower Crown


Bridal Flower Crown

white red flower crown wedding

White Wedding Flower Crown

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