Flower Festival Crown: Adorn Your Hair with the Glories of Spring Season 2017

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The Flower Festival Crown is a delightfully colorful floral delight that is perfectly on-point for channeling your bohemian vibes in full force. Since spring and summer are the official time of the year for festivals and beachside bashes, this lovely floral crown will help you stay true to your style, and set yourself apart in the crowd of suffocating chokers, headbands, and other mainstream trends.

Bridal Flower Crown

Bridal Headband

White Flower Crown

Photography Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Flower Headband

Bridal Flower Headband

Flower Crown For Wedding Bride

You can pair up this lovely floral delight with a versatile myriad of looks and outfits. For instance, if you want to play down your look and allow the Flower Festival Crown to dominate your look, pair it up with subdued hues, like cool nudes, soft teal, turquoise, pastel pinks or barely-there cream. This will give you a classically chic vibe and the crown with play up like a lovely splash of color.

If you want to get downright floral and give your look an energetic pop of bright hues, play up your darkest shades, or better yet create a two-toned outfit in two insanely bright hues, like red or yellow, or pink and orange. Bright colors will complement the floral arrangement and floral arrangement of this dreamily bohemian Flower Festival Crown.

Another far more amazing idea would be to create a floral style statement from head to toe in order to really do justice to the beauty of this beautiful Flower Festival Crown. You can pick out outfits with wild and exotic floral prints, or you can ravish your style statement with gorgeously intricate floral embroidery. Pick out floral platform pumps to seal the look, and give your lips a bright pop of shocking pink.

The best outfits to pair with this look are long and flowing maxi dresses that give you millions of reasons to twirl. Naturally, a floor-grazing maxi dress would be perfect to complement the bohemian aura of the Flower Festival Crown. But you can also experiment with maxi skirts and an off-the-shoulder top. Or even an above the knee Boho-inspired top.

If you want to flaunt the Flower Festival Crown at an earthly bohemian wedding, go right ahead! Both brides and bridesmaids can play up their free-spirited vibes to an infectiously adorable hilt. The colorful floral arrangement would be a delightful pop of color against your wedding gown, but naturally, it’s more suited to the subdued elegance of a Maid of Honor.

Ladies, the Flower Festival Crown is about celebrating the colorful glories of spring, and it is definitely going to be the highlight of your style statement. We can also make you a custom flower crown for any occasion within 24 hours.

Pink Floral Headband

Pink Floral Headband

pink flower crown

Pink Flower Crown For Any Occasion

Wedding Flower Crown

Wedding Flower Crown

Sunflower Flower Crown

Sunflower Crown


Bridal Flower Crown

white red flower crown wedding

White Wedding Flower Crown

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